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“We believe that all individuals are different and that nutrition plays a crucial yet varied role in everyone’s lives. We work closely with our clients to ensure that our advice is appropriate for their goals and lifestyle.”

Whether you’re wanting to improve your relationship with food, increase you energy, find your happy weight or feel better overall, we’ll come up with a Smart, Simple & Sustainable solution that works for you. We believe the true purpose of a healthy lifestyles is to give you the support, both physically and mentally, to create major shifts – not just with wellbeing, but in your life.

Together let’s discover your Wellness Vision! Let us create an actionable path to bring that vision to life and create energy and impetus to elevate all other areas of your life.

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TAN | 365
Gut Health Program

An intensive and in-depth program that can help you understand what is triggering your symptoms and how to improve your Gut


Hormone & Menstrual Health 101

Dear women, nurture your well-being through our uniquely crafted program, addressing hormonal imbalance, menstrual health and unique health challenges

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TAN | 365
Nutrition Program

Framework of services that will help you to reset your Hormones, restore your Gut Health & improve your Relationship with Food.

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by TAN | 365

A 10-day program which will teach you how to take control of your wellbeing with some easy steps.

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