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    A 10-day program which will teach you how to take control of your wellbeing with some easy steps:

    Discover a balanced approach towards food and health without any restrictive dieting, counting macros & calories or mastering will power.

    We will help you bust myths related to fad weight loss diets, cheat meals, good and bad foods.

    Enable you to tune in and understand your body’s basic cues like hunger, satisfaction and fullness.

    Have more physical and mental energy to bring your best self to all that you do.

    Reset your relationship with food and trust yourself to be comfortable and happy around all sorts of food.

    What’s Included?

    Assessment (dietary, lifestyle, family history, health history)

    Our Smart, Simple & Sustainable guide to reset your balance around food

    5 weight loss principle which will make you feel more in control your food feelings and blood sugar levels

    Learn to plan your meals to nourish yourself and your goals

    2 hours personal session with Tanisha

    10 Gut Friendly Recipes

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