What is the TAN | 365
Nutrition Program?

Framework of services that will help to reset your Hormones, restore your Gut Health & improve your relationship with food.

A personalized nutrition program – tailor made to your goals with one-to-one personal support during the program

Designed to give sustainable long-term results keeping in mind your guts, hormones and food preferences

Enables you to nourish your body through a healthy and enjoyable way of eating based on your goals

Helps you reach your health goal through food and simple lifestyle changes

Teaches you how to manage your weight with ease

Helps you improve your relationship with food

You will understand how to tune in and understand your body’s basic cues like hunger, satisfaction and fullness

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Our Client Onboarding Process:

If you wish to join this program, the first step is to book a Pre-consultation virtual meeting with Tanisha. This is a 30-minute online session where you discuss your labwork, your case, your health objectives, your health history, and current symptoms. This session is critical for us understand the case before onboard you  as a client, and also for you to understand how the program will be customised for you.

We recommend you get your labwork in this session to so we understand your case in detail.

Fee, time, and effort for everyone can be different, depending on the case and complexity. Tanisha will discuss the investment involved in this meeting, once she understands the case fully. The fees for the pre consult will be adjusted if you join the program.

This Program is for you if:

If you suffer from Hormonal issues & Gut issues

You have trouble managing your weight

If you are sick of jumping from one diet to another

Your day is ridden with lot of cravings and binge eating

If do not have a good relationship with food

You are obsessed with counting calories and macros

Here’s what the program includes?

Assessment (dietary, lifestyle, family history, health history)

Tailored advice based on your health goals

Personalized nutrition plan & support

Full report of consultation notes and supporting information

Supplement recommendation if necessary

Full time personalized support with regard to any questions or clarification

Daily check-ins through WhatsApp & 30 minutes weekly follow up call

Terms & Conditions:

  1. The Program fee is non-refundable, once paid.
  2. Meal plans and Nutrition guidelines are a part of the program and not part of the Pre-consultation session.
  3. We don’t allow last-minute or same-day rescheduling of the Pre-consultation session. Please inform us 48 hour before if you wish to reschedule your session.
  4. All our appointments start on time and end on time, and hence we request you to be sharp on time for the meeting.
  5. If you forget your appointment or don’t show up for the Pre-consultation session, there will be no rescheduling or refund of the fee possible.
  6. We do not send reminders for any appointments that you have with us. So we request you to kindly set an alarm/ reminder for your session so that you don’t miss your session.
  7. If there is a change of schedule or postponement of the session from our side, you will be informed by us, and new appointment slot options will be shared with you, to choose from.
  8. If you wish to discuss your lab work during the Pre-consultation session, pls email your reports to [email protected] at least  2 days before your session.
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