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Founded by Tanisha Bawa, a Lawyer and a Certified Nutritionist, TAN | 365 aims to educate, inspire and encourage each individual to achieve their desired health goals through Nutrition that is Smart, Simple & Sustainable.


We offer a framework of services and advise our clients on realistic solutions towards Wellness. Let us help you discover how to nourish your unique body with confidence and create lasting habits completely tailored to your lifestyle. Together, let’s uncover your Wellness Vision! Let us create an actionable path to bring that vision to life and create energy and impetus to elevate all other areas of your life.


Made with the Goodness of Organic Ingredients we bring to you Healthy, Tasty and Satisfying snacks.

 Whether you have a health goal you aspire to attain, or you wish to understand how you could develop a sustainable healthy lifestyle, book a session!!! My methodology does NOT involve the “diet culture” i.e., restrictive eating methods or detox plans that you cannot sustain.

My aim is to ensure that you achieve your health goals in a healthy way, which you can sustain all the way. I will help you achieve your targets with my full support, keeping in mind your lifestyle, your work schedule, your social obligation and deliver to you a tailormade nutrition plan that is achievable and sustainable
by you.

TAN | 365 Methodology

Let go of diets, plans and trends and stop questioning what is right and wrong for your health. Discover how to nourish your unique body with confidence and create lasting habits completely tailored to your lifestyle.

We teach you how to use mindful methods, check-in strategies, scientifically backed-up nutrition and habit change practices to transform your present and future health.


Wellness Web

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