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TAN | 365 brings to you Granola & Energy Bites which are powerhouse snack options.

We take immense care to ensure the premium quality of our products. We use only 100% pure ingredients. Our products have no artificial flavours and nothing is processed. All our granolas and energy bites are handmade in small batches to ensure freshness and quality. We bring to you healthy, satisfying, delicious snacks that make it the perfect fit for your morning breakfast cereal, yogurt toppings or an afternoon energy boost.

Our Granola is great source of fiber, protein and healthy fats, all important nutrients to include at meals and snacks for weight management and blood sugar control.


Well, the trifecta of fiber, protein and healthy fats causes you to feel fuller for longer, which means you may eat less overall—and be better positioned to lose weight or keep maintaining a healthy weight. Plus, research suggests that dried fruits, seeds and nuts, as well as whole grains such as oats, can have a positive effect on blood glucose levels and insulin resistance.

Hit the nutritional home run and boost your health with our health snacks

✔  Gluten Free
✔  High Fiber
Rich in antioxidants
Naturally sweetened
No preservatives added
✔  Good source of protein and healthy fats

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