TAN | 365 – A Health & Wellness Studio to equip people with tools to achieve their optimum health levels and live happier, healthier lives as the best versions of themselves.

Founded by Tanisha Bawa, an ex-Litigating Lawyer and an Award Winning Nutrition Coach & Gut Health Expert. TAN | 365 aims to educate, inspire and encourage each individual to achieve their desired health goals through Nutrition that is Smart, Simple & Sustainable.

We at TAN | 365 believe in the methodology that the food we elect to eat can help us achieve all pillars of good health and well-being. A well fueled, nourished body provides us with the energy and impetus to elevate all other areas of our life.

We offer a framework of services and advise our clients on realistic solutions towards wellness. No matter what your day brings, we want you to know you have the energy to handle it. From the 9-5 professional to the stay-at-home parent to the wanderlust traveller, we assure you that you will achieve a healthy life with the Right Nutrition – Smart, Simple & Sustainable.

If you want to achieve a specific health goal or want to elevate your overall health, allow us to assist you to nourish your unique body with a plan which tailors to your personal desires and lifestyle. Book a session with us and enhance your health & wellness.

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